1. It’s cake you baked yourself.
  2. It’s so you don’t scald yourself.
  3. Acting helps you to discover yourself.
  4. At that age, you believe yourself invincible.
  5. You’re here and you can’t make yourself heard.
  6. So Mr Cawley, what did you learn about yourself?
  7. “I think,” said Ngũgĩ, “you are lying to yourself.”
  8. Chronic pain makes you good at abandoning yourself.
  9. It doesn’t even occur to you to keep yourself safe.
  10. You cross the line when you start lying to yourself.
  11. For a time you find yourself in a vexing predicament.
  12. Before buying anything, you ask yourself two questions.
  13. “Eating disorders make you hate yourself,” she told me.
  14. First, you must convince yourself that nothing can be done.
  15. Her attitude is that you hand yourself over to other people.
  16. Then you ask yourself: ‘What could I have done differently?’
  17. First of all, you had to protect yourself and your colleagues.
  18. He believes you may no longer be fit to take care of yourself.
  19. The way you put yourself is the way they’re going to take you.
  20. Even how you hold yourself shows you want to become invisible.
  21. This is my obsession for years, you just pour yourself into it.
  22. Did you write them yourself, or did someone write them for you?
  23. And then you think to yourself, ‘Well it’s all bullshit anyway.’
  24. So, you can make yourself all quite gloomy on the fiscal outlook.
  25. Terrorism is not something you do by yourself, it is highly social.
  26. and, on this evidence, I predict you will find yourself 100% against.
  27. So even if it’s a simple algorithm update, you have to go do it yourself.
  28. I understand you can’t bring them yourself, so send money,’” Lena told me.
  29. I love you so much and I am happy that you are happy and enjoying yourself.
  30. I think that’s your own kind of psychological work that you do on yourself.