1. But we just chug on, you know?
  2. And that risk is there, you know.
  3. You know, in a stressful situation.
  4. You know, he’s got the winning hand.
  5. And he does that with me, too, you know?
  6. People were in their own worlds, you know?
  7. But those things are so expensive, you know?
  8. You know, you lean something against the wall.
  9. But it does all come back to the beer, you know.
  10. We’re in politics, we’re not whores, you know?
  11. Now I can go to LA, and, you know, really go for it.
  12. I’ll pay you, you know, $50,000, $100,000, whatever.
  13. “I’m not a lazy person, you know,” he cautioned.
  14. And it was very violent, you know – and very poetic.
  15. It’s the best ice-cream in the whole world, you know.
  16. Because, you know, we can see what’s really happening.
  17. “Because, you know,” said Romundt, “it’s huge.”
  18. But the houses were knackered, you know, nobody had anything.
  19. Mum’s getting older and she’s going, you know what I mean?
  20. Like therapy, the belief crystals have healing power, you know?
  21. You know, you want to go against nature, this is what will happen.
  22. Can you imagine, in the small villages – you know, the shouting?
  23. “Oh, you know … ” she looked uncomfortable, waving her hand.
  24. I remember thinking: ‘You know, I’m not paid enough for this.’
  25. “Well, you know those immigration guys at the airport,” he said.
  26. You know, the funny thing is I never sat in the front row at school.
  27. You know, this thing right now is not bigger or better than you are.
  28. If you look at our category, it’s a little bit messed up, you know?
  29. As you know, this can be a great help when your child is ill or upset.
  30. And the other few would say, ‘You know, I’m outdoors all the time.