1. It is the department of law and order, yet it is constantly found to have broken the law.
  2. He believes stubbornly in his own genius, yet he can be intensely vulnerable to criticism.
  3. Anyone can see its outline if they look close enough, yet it stays there because no one knows what to do with it.
  4. The problems I saw could not be dealt with by me alone, yet gone were the support systems I could rely on in the past.
  5. About 50% of the UK prison population have literacy difficulties, yet almost none of these prisoners will have a dyslexia diagnosis.
  6. That’s a concept repeated dutifully in nearly every story about the tech giants, yet it remains fuzzy at best to users of those sites.
  7. Across the globe, refugee designations are frequently handed down from one generation to the next, yet Jewish organisations do not object.
  8. Five minutes on the streets of Istanbul presents multiple encounters with women in headscarves, yet they are nowhere to be seen on screen.
  9. The team were travelling through west Africa at extraordinary speed, yet were constantly aware of the need to move faster and get more done.
  10. Everybody seemed to have an opinion about the guilt or innocence of Porto and Basterra, yet nobody could explain such an apparently motiveless crime.
  11. Hardly anything matters more than education, yet when we talk about education we spend a lot of time arguing over things that do not matter very much.
  12. Both are instinctive social liberals, with little time for the reactionary agenda of Nigel Farage, yet both know that appealing to voters tempted by Ukip could be the key to winning any Tory leadership contest held now.
  13. Over 30-odd years, Gold has become the most powerful casting director in the UK, her taste shaping everything from Game of Thrones to Bridget Jones’s Baby, yet she can still be mystified by what actors do and why they do it.
  14. Meeting Alex had also given me hope for the future; she and I were trans female people born only one generation apart, yet the world she is growing up in seems to have far more space in it for trans people than the one I knew.
  15. I don’t accept the Islamic State’s invitation to a beheading because I have no wish to collude with their evil purpose, or the nefarious purposes of those that nominally oppose them, yet historically have been only too keen to foment violent Islamism.