1. We would rather have an open discussion.
  2. I would rather die in a mine, any day, no doubt.
  3. I would rather have jumped out of a plane without a parachute.
  4. On our way home, it hit me that I would rather die than end up like that.
  5. Even bureaucrats would rather see themselves as visionaries than rule-makers.
  6. They would rather reduce numbers so significantly as to render fences unnecessary.
  7. His suit was not coping well with the pressure and would rather have been elsewhere.
  8. No wonder they would rather tackle the counterfeiters than the causes of counterfeiting.
  9. He was nursing a Stella Artois and appeared as if he would rather be talking to anyone but me.
  10. She paused again, before adding: “I can’t think of anything else I would rather do with my life.
  11. It’s not an unhappy place because you make of it what you can but everyone would rather be outside.
  12. Whatever I’m doing at any point of the day, it is probably safe to assume that I would rather be quizzing.
  13. All of us would rather that the outbreak is over and we just accept that we tried – and actually we succeeded.
  14. I am considering changing profession due to these working conditions … I would rather change profession than risk others.
  15. One of the regime’s top military officials strode into the first meeting and told the Americans he would rather not be there.
  16. Most coastal residents are suspicious of managed retreat, and not just because they would rather live at the edge of the land.
  17. It’s not to provide permanent residency to anyone and everyone who would rather live in a prosperous western country,” said Abbott.
  18. He had decided that when the day eventually came that he could no longer live with Janny, the love of his life, he would rather die.
  19. Mujica could live in the presidential palace, a hundred-year-old mansion in the old-money Prado district, but he would rather be here.
  20. If Labour failed to make that commitment, then people would conclude that Labour would rather have the Tories in power than work with the SNP.
  21. And while increasingly unaffordable housing in cities such as London is now pushing out a growing number of young people, many would rather stay.
  22. And surely he could persuade European companies that they would rather borrow this money from him and avoid paying the steep fees demanded in New York?
  23. If someone is looking at their own life and thinking, ‘I would rather write about living the life of somebody who’s dying,’ something’s going on there.
  24. He would rather not have quite so many adversaries, but neither does it seem especially to disturb him to be the object of simmering ill will on the island.
  25. But they would rather sacrifice that free time and spend all their time studying to have a greater chance of getting a high mark, and so everyone has to follow.