1. Anatole was too young to make sense of what had happened.
  2. They were no older than 10, too young to grasp the poignancy of the ancient ritual.
  3. There are just four calves left now, too young to sell; we will fatten them on spring grass soon.
  4. Even fans too young to remember Plough Lane yearn for the rickety, stinking old stadium that they lost a generation ago.
  5. They are all too young to have been engaged in decades of hard left politics and come across as idealistic and passionate.
  6. We were too young to see it then, but the same force that laced our days in Essex with anxiety swaddled us in confidence in Iran.
  7. The other half was just as sure my waters had broken and that I would almost certainly go into labour and give birth to a baby too young to live.
  8. He was in his early 50s by the time the situation with the council arose in Ventnor: much too young to retire, but ready for a change of direction.