1. I value it too much to want that.
  2. Finally, it got too much to bear.
  3. So what if my coccyx curves too much to the right?
  4. We older prisoners are too timid and keep to our cells too much to elbow our way on to these courses.
  5. So life plods on, calm and dreary, until one night after a dinner party, when he has had a little too much to drink.
  6. The disconnect between his contributions and his treatment by the Wistar Institute’s director had become too much to bear.
  7. There is too much to hold, too much to bear and sometimes it’s easier to retreat into a new setting rather than try to heal together.
  8. Peter Mandelson, who had been angry with me and Philip for conceding too much to Gordon in 2005, was now a key player in the Brown team.
  9. Peasant women worked too hard and too much to find time to cuddle and play with the kids; instead, they would make their favourite dishes.
  10. ”Like all the new economists I met, he talks very fast, cutting short sentences as if there is too much to explain in the time available.