1. Clearly, though, the certificates were too easy to forge or manipulate.
  2. It is all too easy to fantasise that we, too, would have aided Wanda J.
  3. He already possessed the political asset of being all too easy to write about.
  4. It would be all too easy to mistake Trump’s first term for pure, uninhibited chaos.
  5. The plot points of their lives connected in an instant: sometimes my clients were almost too easy to caricature.
  6. The impact of this rebalancing on those unfortunate friends with the “negative outlooks” is all too easy to imagine.
  7. For these tough, indefatigable men, fine-tuned and battle-hardened, have proven all too easy to exploit outside the ring.
  8. It was too easy to ascribe this decline to a certain national conservatism, complacency and parochialism – facile Anglo-Saxon taunts.
  9. It was all too easy to trip up on a single missing certificate or piece of paperwork – nothing they couldn’t remedy by the next inspection.