1. It is peaceful coexistence and the practice of toleration that are exceptional.
  2. The days of the reformist, legal struggles for toleration fought by the Mattachine Society were over.
  3. The Algerian government’s toleration of sheep fighting is a tacit acknowledgement that outlets for male aggression are needed.
  4. To suggest that large numbers hate and despise values such as toleration and personal autonomy is, for many people nowadays, an intolerable slur on the species.
  5. Yet this toleration was only skin-deep, and as Lord Acton had predicted, an intolerance of ethnic and cultural minorities would become the achilles heel of the nation-state.
  6. Tributes began piling up on the cobblestones of Market Square, beneath the statue of Birstall’s most famous son, Joseph Priestley, the 18th-century scientist and reformer who advocated the open exchange of ideas and toleration.
  7. The books in the well-stocked library testified to an eclectic curriculum – Engels was there, as well as nihilism and even Israel – but one got the sense that the students were learning about alien values not as westerners might, as an exercise in multicultural toleration, but in order to understand what they were up against.
  8. The Ottoman empire, during some of its history, was a haven of toleration for religious communities who were persecuted in Europe; but this pluralism did not extend to enabling individuals to move from one community to another, or to form new communities of choice, as would be required by a liberal ideal of personal autonomy.