1. People began to find tolerance tedious).
  2. They also differ in their tolerance for criminality.
  3. They were expensive and had little tolerance for error.
  4. First three infusions: good tolerance, thymic improvement.
  5. In this milieu, a certain tolerance for phoniness was prerequisite.
  6. There’s zero tolerance for selling, but consumption isn’t really that restricted.
  7. A culture of liberty, tolerance, and rational inquiry: that would be a good idea.
  8. Fourth injection: bad tolerance with intense moral suffering and request for euthanasia.
  9. The department’s tolerance for Doggrell seemed to be mirrored by some of the local press.
  10. His opponents detected no such tolerance, however, and their criticisms turned ad hominem.
  11. This knowledge can instead be an ostentatious display of tolerance for cultural difference.
  12. High doses not only build up a tolerance to the drug, but cause increased sensitivity to pain.
  13. Authoritarians are looking for order and control, libertarians want greater freedom and tolerance.
  14. Marine Le Pen has not got close to occupying the Élysée Palace by advocating pluralism and tolerance.
  15. We now know what we know, not just about democracy’s failings, but about our tolerance for its incompetences.
  16. “Everyone in the system is looking for positive PR and tolerance of criticism has gone down over time,” he said.
  17. There’s no tolerance of people being daft with drones – there’ll be laws made and it’ll affect everyone who has one.
  18. It gave a scathing assessment of the government’s tolerance for “a climate which was conducive to domestic violence”.
  19. As a result, inner cities developed a spirit of tolerance and openness that has been conspicuously absent from suburbia.
  20. Along the way, we have developed an ad hoc tolerance for these gestures, as well as a shared familiarity and understanding.
  21. The victims of such tactics, consciously and not, cultivate reserves of tolerance for pain, but also a capacity to remember.
  22. He argues that a dose of integration acts as a kind of inoculation for life – a permanent booster of tolerance and understanding.
  23. By this logic, women could solve the problem of sexual harassment and assault with good humour, patience and a high tolerance for pain.
  24. A policy document proposed by Medinsky’s ministry of culture called for “a rejection of the principles of tolerance and multiculturalism”.
  25. Labour’s Gordon Brown, in a 2004 article for the Guardian, wrote that liberty, tolerance and fair play were the core values of Britishness.
  26. Having witnessed all this mayhem, a country that has long prided itself on its tolerance of drugs is now starting to question that approach.