1. Something has to be done.
  2. It has to be done by many.
  3. It needs to be done carefully.
  4. “It needed to be done,” Els told me.
  5. He asked himself: what is to be done?
  6. There was, he said, nothing to be done.
  7. The difference lay in what was to be done.
  8. Why did dusting have to be done so frequently?
  9. To borrow a question from Lenin: “What is to be done?”
  10. If you think this has to be done, you have my blessing.
  11. It was work that had to be done but it gave me no pleasure.
  12. The Salafi sheikh was convinced that something had to be done.
  13. “I only want justice to be done,” Laura recently wrote in an email.
  14. I’d think nothing of paddling for hours, whatever needed to be done.
  15. They should be sick of me by now as I keep asking for things to be done.
  16. It was to be done twice a day, usually after dusk, and always in secret.
  17. Regardless of the outcome of such discussions, something needs to be done.
  18. She had been a magistrate for almost 15 years, and knew what needed to be done.
  19. And what is to be done when it seems that history has no direction but the grave?
  20. This had to be done to prevent them from being instantly recaptured or “disappeared”.
  21. We know we need to do more about it, but the scale of what needs to be done is massive.
  22. Nobody thinks that he’s crazy, they just go, ‘OK, this is important, this has to be done’.
  23. And they were saying that something needed to be done about all this before it was too late.
  24. We opted for regulating the sale of marijuana and that, naturally, has to be done by the state.
  25. Major infrastructure projects are not things to be done in a hurry when we are a little country.
  26. Not an easy job, given the scale of the problem, or the time frame in which repairs had to be done.
  27. After he’d been talked down by the security guard, O’Neill decided something had to be done about it.
  28. “Your professionalism takes over because there is a job to be done,” said one veteran of royal funerals.
  29. When the boy was finally seen by a doctor, his mother was told that there was nothing to be done for him.
  30. One doctor observed that some of his patients were refusing medical treatment “because they want to be done”.