1. Wang also appeared to be doing well.
  2. After all, what if we ought to be doing it?
  3. It is the right time to be doing this work.
  4. Often, he seemed to be doing his own thing.
  5. I do not want to be doing this into my 70s,” he said.
  6. The current election season appears to be doing the opposite.
  7. And I do think that’s a politically important thing to be doing.
  8. Democracies do seem to be doing some fairly stupid things at present.
  9. I probably don’t want to be doing this for a good chunk of my 60s either.
  10. Besides, the business seemed to be doing as much harm as good to Jersey itself.
  11. There are many smaller screenings we are going to be doing, which I am most excited by.
  12. But serving tourists in a tapas bar in England was not what he expected to be doing with his life.
  13. The other two, Yoruba and Hausa, despite facing threats from English as well, seem not to be doing as badly.
  14. Ngũgĩ was supposed to be doing a video call with a group of South African academics who wanted to discuss decolonisation.
  15. As a result, we have entered a phase where every brand, organisation and politician strains to be seen to be doing something.
  16. But that is what we need people to be doing – to be thinking about these big, existential issues and the mortality of our world.
  17. Elsewhere, places such as Balthazar in New York and the Wolseley in London seemed to be doing the French restaurant better than the French.
  18. “I often think about how much easier it would be for the doctors to work if they could just do what they are supposed to be doing,” she told me.
  19. We started hanging out once he was back in Kingston, and initially Kemoy seemed to be doing well, much better than when I had met him in detention.
  20. I soon realised that I only had to speak to men on the street – those who looked to be of retirement age and who looked to be doing nothing in particular.
  21. He tapped, as few before him successfully had, into a widespread intuition that elites were phonily claiming to be doing what was best for most Americans.
  22. Democracy seems to be doing well: the New Optimists note that there are now about 120 democracies among the world’s 193 countries, up from just 40 in 1972.