1. Those who have been abused devalue themselves.
  2. What about those who have not actually abused yet?
  3. It’s to make room for those who have already been born elsewhere.
  4. I have spoken to those running such courses, as well as those who have retired.
  5. For those who have been deported, there is often a bewildering sense of dislocation.
  6. Those who have access to work experience – ie those already plugged into a network.
  7. Even for those who have these opportunities, it is far from clear that they will work more or harder.
  8. Mike sees a similar emotional journey in many of those who have since come to work with him in the field.
  9. The most common argument against sortition is the supposed incompetence of the those who have not been elected.
  10. For example, spending $1m on medications for those who have had a heart attack might save 1,000 lives each year.
  11. They live astride the line between life and death, harbouring a kind of sentimental envy for those who have gone.
  12. People may find Maqdisi’s theories dangerous and morally repugnant, but those who have met him tend to like him.
  13. But for those who have given their lives to competitive ploughing, it’s more than a sport, it’s a way of life.
  14. Most people have not heard of it; many of those who have do not quite believe that it is a sovereign nation at all.
  15. “We want people to wash their hands but we don’t want to stigmatise those who have no access to a toilet,” she says.
  16. If you’re new, it’s not always easy to ferret out the people who are mostly good-intentioned from those who have no shame.
  17. Those who have led good lives cross the river safely by bridge; evil-doers must take their chances in the dragon-ridden waters.
  18. After the deadline, those who have failed to apply will gradually be transformed from legal residents into undocumented migrants.
  19. Those who have higher natural levels of certain chemicals in their skin, particularly lactic acid, also seem to be more attractive.
  20. Instead, we should be trying to help all children with literacy difficulties, not just those who have been diagnosed with dyslexia.
  21. I know that my credentials are as good or better than those who have been relied upon as experts by Current Counsel for Ms Montgomery.
  22. To undermine racial discrimination, Americans must focus their efforts on those who have the power to undermine racial discrimination.
  23. Those who have proven their talent for violence in the forest may be invited into the firm, and, from this boot camp, on to the street.
  24. Those who have been abducted in Kavumu have been alienated from the wider community, because of the stigma of girls who have been raped.
  25. They remain alive in the memory of all those who have experienced war and suffered its destruction, those who have lost their loved ones.
  26. The question then becomes: how much do we trust the hand-washing and hand-drying inclinations of those who have preceded us into a washroom?
  27. Many of those who have taken the poison and survived have suffered from cataracts, as well as lasting damage to the heart and nervous system.
  28. Football fans in Italy are notorious for their feverish support: the Italian word for fan, “tifoso”, translates as those who have typhoid.
  29. They are comfort and peace for the souls of all of those who have been killed and the loved ones who are left behind with nothing but memories.
  30. This leads those who have been fortunate to believe they have earned it on their own, and those who have been less fortunate to blame themselves.