1. Those who had fallen were trampled.
  2. It was those who had followed Rangers who were broken.
  3. Those who had known him would no longer doubt his intelligence.
  4. Those who had plasma first time around get saline and vice versa.
  5. Those who had got to know the Dirrs online mourned Dana’s death.
  6. Here, for all those who had demanded it, was the immaculate victim.
  7. Some of those who had collapsed were almost completely covered in snow.
  8. As in 2008, they served the interests of those who had the most to lose.
  9. Those who had been there, those who understood, could talk to each other.
  10. Among the other pairs, only those who had received cider had improved a bit.
  11. Of those who had heard of it, only a quarter had a favourable opinion of it.
  12. The most important people in Bucca were those who had been close to Zarqawi.
  13. For those who had worked at Juventus, the Super League fiasco was no surprise.
  14. But for those who had toyed a little with fate, it created enormous difficulties.
  15. Even so, those who had been vaccinated caught colds just as easily as those who had not.
  16. Later, from a video, Yadav identified a local ABVP official among those who had hit him.
  17. How did they have more of a right to land than those who had been working it for decades?
  18. But among those who had not, there was incomprehension or, worse, a harsh brand of judgment.
  19. Those who had endeavoured to secure peace had not even thought to question the legality of war.
  20. The joke inside MI6 was that only those who had never visited the Soviet Union would wish to defect.
  21. I was one of those who had helped Bashaija stay in school in Kampala in late 2014, after his attack.
  22. Francis, however, has turned these powers against those who had been their most enthusiastic advocates.
  23. After that game Mourinho had railed in three separate interviews against those who had “betrayed” him.
  24. Last autumn, I spoke to Fatuhani Ahmed, one of those who had been moved to this patch of Kent from Redbridge.
  25. The previous week, I had heard vivid evidence from those who had experienced the Southall crash at first hand.
  26. For me, hearing the evidence of those who had been in the Thames train was like hearing about a different crash.
  27. Those of us who were educated wanted to distinguish ourselves from those who had money but didn’t go to school.
  28. Corbyn’s loyal former staffer Cat Smith was one of those who had come to beg fellow MPs to put him on the ballot.
  29. A Catholic charity had given Italian phone cards to all those who had been rescued, which they could use to call home.
  30. Meanwhile, those who had not seen any of this coming confidently told us what we had seen and what would be coming next.