1. We will not wait for those who are far.
  2. Even greater is the need of those who are not working.
  3. So are those who are intoxicated or lack a valid licence.
  4. But then who are those who are going to pass judgment on him?
  5. Likewise, those who are intoxicated or under any coercion or duress.
  6. Those who are sexually ambivalent have a real problem if they are poor.
  7. And I have come to believe that fear is a cruelty to those who are feared.
  8. Doggrell is not in a biracial relationship and does not condone those who are.
  9. It is also where those who are picked up by border patrol are taken for trial.
  10. Those who are saved, in the end, will be those who can afford the premium of salvation.
  11. And sometimes, even those who are willing to try his methods do not have the resources.
  12. For those who are curating a self, social media notifications work as a form of clickbait.
  13. Most alpha males protect the underdog, keep the peace and reassure those who are distressed.
  14. Advantage is hoarded by the privileged sticking close to those who are similarly privileged.
  15. This logic today demands silence from those who are defending themselves from abuse or hate speech.
  16. “The United States and the west try first to hit those who are most devoted (to Putin),” he wrote.
  17. Those who are bewildered by the movement should place it in the context of the historic reversals that define our age.
  18. They provide no assistance for those who are having trouble breathing, administer no painkillers, react to no emergencies.
  19. Among those who are helping out is Hammer, who has been collecting disused bicycles and fixing them for the camp residents.
  20. Scientists believe these conditions are triggered by some as-yet-unidentified factor in those who are genetically predisposed.
  21. Once standard of living is confused with living, a rich society can make war upon those who are poorer in the name of survival.
  22. And those who are less talented, it is thought, will at least gain an understanding of the digital world in which they now live.
  23. It’s perfectly understandable that denialism sparks anger and outrage, particularly in those who are directly challenged by it.
  24. Theirs is a suicide culture, and they lose some of their ability to identify with those who are simply, and unquestioningly, alive.
  25. In the meantime, those who are determined to sow suspicion about the merits of concerted action are fuelling our mistrust in politics.
  26. Because greater attempts are being made to avoid sending children to prison, those who are inside tend to have committed worse crimes.
  27. Seacraft engender affinity, and perhaps only those who are obliged to take a wider perspective can remain entirely unromantic about them.
  28. Videos have been made for people who struggle with literacy, there is helpline assistance for those who are not confident with technology.
  29. It is the opposite when those who are judged to have merit of a particular kind harden into a new social class without room in it for others.
  30. The Katrina experience also stands as a stark warning to those who are holding out hope for Trump’s promised $1tn in infrastructure spending.