1. They treat themselves.
  2. They made themselves seen.
  3. They seemed to enjoy themselves.
  4. They also feel it in themselves.
  5. They would find themselves diminished.
  6. They had developed the form themselves.
  7. They succeeded in liberating themselves.
  8. They bear themselves all that has existence.
  9. They kept to themselves, we kept to ourselves.
  10. They called themselves the Dragons of the Pool.
  11. They could buy themselves a BMW with that money.
  12. They thus take themselves as a kind of test case.
  13. They did anything they could to better themselves.
  14. They don’t know people who are not like themselves.
  15. They are lying to me, they are lying to themselves.
  16. They had devoted themselves to an internet bogeyman.
  17. They kill themselves along with the world they reject.
  18. They suddenly found themselves mired in contradiction.
  19. They just set themselves up at the mosque,” he said in May 2014.
  20. They have spent decades drinking themselves into a stupor each day.
  21. They morph into a flat version of themselves, deferential and sweet.
  22. They eulogised themselves and built great temples to their greatness.
  23. They peered into his empty past and saw the possibility of themselves.
  24. They rent space in EPZs to themselves through a web of alias companies.
  25. They were tools for political expression but had no politics themselves.
  26. They anticipated that they would castigate themselves for misplaced trust.
  27. They saw themselves as Americans, pursuing American ideals, with American guns.
  28. They have placed themselves firmly in the camp of the occupier and the oppressor.
  29. They also seem, for the most part, incapable of following these rules themselves.
  30. They do not, by themselves, tell us how to meet the moral urgency of this new era.