1. They couldn’t fathom the ways in which colonialism had never really ended.
  2. Trudeau’s supporters point to the ways in which he has lived up to his promises.
  3. To identify and enumerate all of the ways in which society needs to be reconfigured?
  4. The way in which the clubs are run is now strictly regulated by the UPSA constitution.
  5. Being queer, I was always trying not to call attention to the ways in which I was different.
  6. The way in which people act in the game might not reflect the way in which they act in the real world.
  7. Similarly, Slow Water draws attention to the ways in which speeding water off the land causes problems.
  8. This in turn has to do with the way in which they have tended to demonise national identity in general.
  9. A good example of this blind spot is the way in which the EU responded to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.
  10. In a world dominated by partisan politics, people often dwell on the ways in which our principles differ.
  11. There are the ways in which big tech is driving the mega-trends in global markets, as we have just explored.
  12. It was not a product of the ways in which the nine-member Common Market became the 28-member European Union.
  13. In addition, I’ve been increasingly alive to the ways in which other forms of visualisation are equally collusive.
  14. And then you understand more about the way in which other people’s minds work and their emotions and their experiences.
  15. He could not demonstrate the ways in which he was “integrated” or had “contributed”, and he had a criminal record.
  16. After Williams started hunting, he learned the ways in which the history of North America is bound up with furs and hides.
  17. But we should not let the real problems with the new world order blind us to all the ways in which it is better than the old.
  18. Weizenbaum, ever attentive to the ways in which fantasies about computers can serve powerful interests, would probably agree.
  19. Tribal leaders spoke about the ways in which tribal growing could be a whole new revenue stream, if not a new tribal industry.
  20. What makes Aliye’s experience so instructive is the way in which she was formed by modernisation and formed it back in turn.
  21. But to him, it always seemed the things that made him different mattered less than the ways in which he had proved he was the same.
  22. More commonly, the introduction of new technology does not get rid of paper; it increases it or shifts the ways in which it is used.
  23. One is the way in which new technology has shaped both the media itself and terrorist organisations in ways which are strikingly similar.
  24. And does this take us back to ilira – the way in which this particular Qallunaaq intimidated the children, and perhaps the parents, too?
  25. Much writing on education has explored the ways in which a “hidden curriculum” supplies lessons to students without doing so explicitly.