1. The faster the handle turned, the more voltage there was.
  2. The bigger the sample size, the more accurate the results.
  3. And the longer it takes, the more pressure there is to get it right.
  4. But the worse things get, the more a person is compelled to optimize.
  5. The older the steam pipes become, the more likely they are to crack or leak.
  6. The worse the news from home got, the more I felt like I needed to be there.
  7. The closer the ball was to the line, the more emphatic the call needed to be.
  8. But the deeper I delved into the world of record breaking, the more sense it made.
  9. The longer the hunger strike wears on, the more precious those weekly letters become.
  10. But the further he progressed into a Christian community, the more difficult it became.
  11. The bigger the games he officiates, the more familiar England becomes with these pressures.
  12. The more valuable the players became, the more essential it was to protect them from injury.
  13. The more time the pair spent together, the more elaborate Holgado’s fictional identity became.
  14. By the end of that day I had a basic idea that the fewer I saw, the more termites there might be.
  15. The paradoxical exasperation of the insomniac is this: the more you try to sleep, the more you fail.
  16. Silvia Federici once wrote: “The more the man serves and is bossed around, the more he bosses around.”
  17. Yet the stronger this kind of consensus grows, the more unconscionable each violation of it will seem.
  18. The more Mr Schecter tried to fill in the gaps of his memory, the more automatic his behaviour became.
  19. The higher up the food chain a politician can get, the more rarefied and detached the atmosphere becomes.
  20. The further away we get from the Nazi blitzkrieg, the more we are asked to revive the “spirit” of the time.
  21. The more complex the problems confronting the president, the more indispensable Greenspan’s expertise became.
  22. The more you look at the educational conundrum in lockdown Italy, the more you see everyone’s vulnerabilities.
  23. But the artificiality of the exercise means that the more you look at a decade, the more complicated it seems.
  24. In terms of the local economy, the more helpless and homeless immigrants are, the cheaper it is to employ them.
  25. In many countries, the correlation is so strong, people see it as an index: the more concrete, the more corruption.
  26. And the more we learned to let go of the political processes, the more fun it got and the more people got involved.
  27. The better the data in their models of probable contamination, the more precisely tailored the level of protection could be.
  28. For the first time, the more powerful developing countries and the industrialised countries agreed on the need to cut emissions.
  29. The worse the war in Ukraine goes, the more Putin might be tempted to reach for a tactical nuclear weapon to signal his resolve.
  30. The more successful searches the Ralstons carried out, the more they were covered by the press, and the more calls they received.