1. The more I drank, the more I wanted to drink.
  2. But the more he listened, the more it made sense.
  3. The more bedrooms a flat has, the more points it costs.
  4. The more they contributed, the more useful the site would be.
  5. The more serious the crime, the more Owens found she liked it.
  6. The more sad or lost or angry I felt, the more I craved crime.
  7. The more this is repeated, the more the host’s grief will subside.
  8. The more Davon dwelled on that possibility, the more panicked he got.
  9. But the more he learned about them, the more interesting they seemed.
  10. The more Wright looked into it, the more she was convinced it was fake.
  11. The more certified chair umpires we had, the more it began to dissipate.
  12. The more closely something imitates real life, the more jarring it looks.
  13. The more people who use their mobile devices, the more data it gets on them.
  14. The more anxious we are, the more anaesthetic it may take to put us to sleep.
  15. The more subscribers they got, the more pressure they felt to keep producing.
  16. The more genes you look at, the more variation you’ll find,” she adds.
  17. The more time passed, the more Ukraine’s fragile nationhood could coalesce.
  18. But the more Janer heard of Rodríguez’s story, the more credible it seemed.
  19. And the more people participated, the more attractive a destination it became.
  20. But the more I was away from the chaos, the more my life just got better and better.
  21. The more drivers have complained, the more adamant Uber has been that they are wrong.
  22. The more time passes, the more correct I think that assessment was,” Albini said.
  23. But the more time I spent with Hunt, the more obvious it became that this was authentic.
  24. The more valuable the players became, the more essential it was to protect them from injury.
  25. The more I have studied the institution, the more I have become aware of its contradictions.
  26. But the more I read, the more people I speak with, the more I begin to question this framework.
  27. The more time the pair spent together, the more elaborate Holgado’s fictional identity became.
  28. The more we dug, the more new problems we found,” said Coquelin, “and the more new lies.”
  29. The more time I spent with Johnny Brod, the more I saw how sincerely concerned he was for his fleet.
  30. The paradoxical exasperation of the insomniac is this: the more you try to sleep, the more you fail.