1. And the longer it takes, the more pressure there is to get it right.
  2. Grímsson’s concern was time: the longer the suspects were at large, the more opportunity they would have to destroy evidence and coordinate stories.
  3. And the longer a prisoner serves, the more institutionalised they become, and the harder it is for them to present themselves as having a manageable risk.
  4. But the longer the residents of England’s Lane stay in this place of quiet desperation, the more their confidence falters, as their chance of being rehoused recedes.
  5. Psychological research into “compassion fatigue” has shown that most students begin clinical studies with a great deal of compassion, but the longer they work in caring professions, the more they seem to lose it.
  6. But it has now been a year since Baghdadi declared his own caliphate – and the longer that Isis can hold its territory and broadcast its military successes to the world, the more credibility it will steal from al-Qaida.
  7. Hospital is no place for them: the longer they stay, the more confused and institutionalised they risk becoming, losing their ability to manage at home for themselves, needing higher levels of care when they do finally leave.