1. The fact that you can never stop.
  2. The fact that she was known as a teacher.
  3. I tried hard to face the fact that he was dying.
  4. And they forget about the fact that that’s not reality.
  5. The fact that he is gay made his school years very difficult.
  6. But how do I get used to the fact that she has no use for me?
  7. The fact that Sudan was under a new government was immaterial.
  8. They were more worried about the fact that we were trespassing.
  9. The fact that the water lily was stolen at Kew did not help either.
  10. The fact that I had become a father myself also drew me to the job.
  11. The fact that hardened militants are used only once is not rational.
  12. Some comfort can be drawn from the fact that the show is on CBeebies.
  13. More important for her line of work is the fact that people like her.
  14. It’s not just about coming to terms with the fact that you will die.
  15. At first she had trouble accepting the fact that Eris was really alive.
  16. How also to explain the fact that the Russians visited Salisbury twice?
  17. This persists, despite the fact that white people are a global minority.
  18. The fact that you are a person means that you are linked to other people.
  19. This is further complicated by the fact that the feed is always refreshing.
  20. The fact that it serves us so well is the reason for its incredible success.
  21. The fact that you are leaving shouldn’t mean that you can get into trouble.
  22. Saifullah denied the allegations, save for the fact that he had met Bin Laden.
  23. I was secure despite the fact that I had to go and live in this tatty bungalow.
  24. In your view who is responsible for the fact that the national debt remains high?
  25. The fact that the Bank is now more powerful has not gone unnoticed or uncriticised.
  26. The fact that you can drive there, or take a bus, only makes things more confusing.
  27. The fact that they met at all, on 4 January 1981, was vehemently denied for 30 years.
  28. It is the fact that he has no place in the liberal scheme of continuing human advance.
  29. The fact that making pralines was possible in a maximum-security prison is surprising.
  30. Still, Quenby said, “The fact that we’re even looking at it is really important.”