1. When I tasted it [in the 1990s] I almost levitated.
  2. Someone described him as the Islamist [Noam] Chomsky.
  3. “I go into No 10 [Downing Street] a lot,” he says.
  4. [My father] wanted an encounter between civilisations.
  5. “The pastor [Anderson] was so happy,” she told me.
  6. He added, “we have to keep [this] VERY CONFIDENTIAL!
  7. “They [Isis] want a discussion,” Food had told him.
  8. They are paid $50 to $100 to identify [needy] families.
  9. Why are we supporting this [practice] around the world?
  10. [Diver] is just so calm all the time,” Sierra said.
  11. The principle was [that] the strongest were the leaders.
  12. “I have asked him to consider moving quotes [lower]”.
  13. “They are people and we [are] less than human,” he says.
  14. I go, ‘Holy fuck, this guy [Trump] doesn’t know anything.
  15. People start questioning: why did that person get [the visa]?
  16. Unfortunately, his brief life [at the care home] was cut short.
  17. People [were] getting cross with each other and finger-pointing.
  18. But that is exactly what [the students] are trying to reinforce.
  19. “My God, prison has changed since [my first time],” he said.
  20. I’m not getting a brief from [the government] and tweeting it.
  21. And he was awful on the stand, but [the verdict] was not guilty.
  22. For $1,400 a month you can have the [Bloomberg] machine at home.
  23. This discount has saved the MoD a cumulative sum of [around] £3.
  24. When you’re [looking through] a health lens, you don’t blame.
  25. You go to China or Japan and you’d be amazed [by the railways].
  26. Some of the people around [Kendall] were verging on the sectarian.
  27. [We] need to book Brokenshire in a month from now,” she said.
  28. Maybe they [shops in the US] don’t explain it to their customers.
  29. When people [were] fighting I [would] tell them there’s no point.
  30. If they [our customers] want to keep it as something of value, fine.