1. The opportunity to leave came sooner than I could have hoped.
  2. That will be the definitive sign that Pax Americana in Asia is over, and it could come sooner than anyone thinks.
  3. There are many historical examples of such forgetting taking place far sooner than might reasonably have been expected.
  4. Now, though, the age of masks has arrived sooner than we anticipated, brought on by an entirely different threat altogether.
  5. A new phase of rapid growth was inevitable, Aldi’s managers believed; the financial crash brought it on sooner than expected.
  6. In the long run, however, we’re all dead, quite possibly sooner than we would be if we hadn’t been following a diet based on poor advice.
  7. Being able to call on local customers would allow the country’s game reserves to recover faster once the current travel restrictions lapse – which will happen for African tourists sooner than for those coming from further afield.