1. Migration ministry bulletins list 39 camps, some of which are empty.
  2. Attacks on journalists around the world take many forms, some of which are sanctioned in law.
  3. All the kids went by aliases on chat channels, some of which also required passwords to get in.
  4. In the US, a large network of purpose-built immigration prisons, some of which are run for profit.
  5. Little is known about many of Britain’s 18 bat species, some of which exist in perilously low numbers.
  6. In the summer of 2021, I experienced a cluster of coincidences, some of which had a distinctly supernatural feel.
  7. Meanwhile, an ugly war of words continued to escalate in TV news studios, some of which were refurbished as pop-up war rooms.
  8. A swearing match about what had or hadn’t happened in about half a dozen meetings, some of which may or may not have occurred.
  9. But it is also worth looking at the cultures of scientific work that have developed over centuries, some of which could do with an update.
  10. The prosthetics were of limited utility; they couldn’t simulate the range of human hands, some of which are hairier or better-moisturised than others.
  11. There were scores of other bikes, too, of various makes and vintages, some of which appeared to have been maimed before being sent to their watery grave.
  12. But secret contacts between the two countries were routine from the mid-1990s – some of which were recorded in the US diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks.
  13. He had been remembering driving around with his granddad when he was small, hearing about vanished local businesses, some of which were impossible for him to picture.
  14. The hardcover personnel book would be particularly helpful, she said, because it lists the contract terms for each soldier, some of which expired before the invasion.
  15. Mouffe and Laclau’s writings on Marxism and populism – some of which they produced together, and some separately – are famously dense and sometimes resistant to summary.
  16. The US, Britain and the EU have since obliged Jersey to exchange information on any citizens using the island’s banks, some of which now refuse to serve UK-resident clients.
  17. The MCTF is one of only a handful of organisations in the US keeping careful tabs on the practices of non-union cleaning firms – some of which operate entirely in the black market.
  18. Her angry, sometimes wildly conspiratorial outbursts on local Facebook groups – some of which have been deleted against her will – mean not all her old neighbours will welcome her back.