1. It is a public space, so there will be no rapes.
  2. Albert was not yet up, so Fleischmann opened the door.
  3. He’s trying to control you, so you try and control him.
  4. They had everything in place, so I didn’t need to worry.
  5. It was to make me feel better, so I wouldn’t be as scared.
  6. There were no beds in the chamber, so she was forced to sit.
  7. We are talking about safe zones, so we can defend ourselves.
  8. Mirsada hid Marko in her house, so he wouldn’t get killed.
  9. His plot was too small to grow feed, so he had to buy it all.
  10. And with the changes in the country, so the art world changed.
  11. The statue is no longer needed, so they reduce it to hardcore.
  12. Darayya never had one under Assad, so this would be the first.
  13. But then the pattern changes, so I know it never was a pattern.
  14. British companies look legitimate, so look legitimate yourself.
  15. She couldn’t afford the operation, so her boyfriend paid for it.
  16. It’s not going to be easy, so you might as well knuckle down now.
  17. His wealth affords him patience, so he has merely deferred his win.
  18. It was not being run like other places, so you had to believe in it.
  19. I told them that it’s their first time, so I won’t say anything.
  20. Those kinds of temperatures kill, so it was really no choice at all.
  21. Most students commuted from London, so I was a rarity in Beaconsfield.
  22. It’s the same deposit basically, so there’s no Brexit with the chalk.
  23. It resembles no sail boat yet built, so it’s a very difficult exercise.
  24. We don’t think we can do it alone, so we don’t do anything as a group.
  25. No one witnessed the accident, so the Ralstons had to scan an immense area.
  26. Fri had said she’d be home by midnight, so she knew she’d be in trouble.
  27. The animals are genetically matched, so there is no risk of immune rejection.
  28. His response was not overtly negative, so we started with his face and hands.
  29. You can see physical disabilities, so it’s a lot easier to fix the symptoms.
  30. Sea lice cannot live long in fresh water, so they fall off and die in the river.