1. she asked.
  2. Back to the pub.
  3. Go and see them.
  4. She still taught.
  5. So why wasn’t she?
  6. She began teaching.
  7. he said, smirking.
  8. He was head boy, twice.
  9. But she’s usually right.
  10. She “doesn’t fuss them”.
  11. You can find it anywhere.
  12. But the war has been won.
  13. There’s an upright piano.
  14. The sand collapsed on him.
  15. He loathed pure abstraction.
  16. Then, by degrees, he wasn’t.
  17. And the work was celebrating.
  18. When I got there it was dark.
  19. The mouth was a straight slit.
  20. So they understand everything.
  21. But the art world may move on.
  22. They fell in love and married.
  23. There was a 16-week timetable.
  24. Then there were teaching days.
  25. The days of the cult were over.
  26. Suddenly they weren’t available.
  27. She should have been recognised.
  28. Now, perhaps, is truly her time.
  29. She brought up her five children.
  30. The money absolutely terrifies me.