1. His wife complained; after a while he had to stop.
  2. Goodbye, mince and potatoes; hello, chicken bhuna.
  3. Societies evolve; norms change; attitudes progress.
  4. This won’t be gentle; there will be ruptures, shocks.
  5. This is how languages work; they borrow from each other.
  6. The plough turned us into farmers; it made us civilised.
  7. All four share one room; the other is used as a kitchen.
  8. He didn’t care; he was already planning the next thing.
  9. Bell is a very good baker; she is also a political baker.
  10. The supreme court agreed with him; Sumption lost the case.
  11. We kept our double lives studiously; so much was at stake.
  12. Statues are not history; they represent historical figures.
  13. He was busy; he didn’t really want to think about Germany.
  14. For me it was pretty special; for them it was quite ordinary.
  15. Products were no longer just products; they could be friends.
  16. Your feelings are not you, was the subtext; they come and go.
  17. The spell was broken; my sister would have to live with that.
  18. Levy was sitting on a high windowsill; Bland was leaning on it.
  19. He thought, “He’s right; it was a good decision for him.”
  20. He wrote about it brilliantly; described it so … differently.
  21. I think tying is like suffocating; it’s holding and strangling.
  22. Statues are symbols of reverence; they are not symbols of history.
  23. A container of butter has three barcodes; a bag of carrots has two.
  24. A world without tigers or polar bears; what a sad place that will be.
  25. Specific preparation is key; as little as possible is left to chance.
  26. Skill learning seems to be additive; it’s not only about the skill.
  27. Costa Rica was three-and-a-half hours from Houston; home was 12 hours.
  28. Your favourite may not win; you will lose beloved novels along the way.
  29. The Caudills were hardly critics of mining; many were miners themselves.
  30. For almost half of students, English is not their first language; between them, the students speak almost 35 different home languages.