1. But it seldom came up.
  2. Their movements were seldom discovered.
  3. Politicians seldom visit the Burma Road in person.
  4. Post-traumatic stress seldom followed childbirth, for example.
  5. But disgust has seldom been called on to improve diets or hygiene.
  6. He had an office but seldom used it, preferring to be amid the action.
  7. She is seldom ‘Sturgeon’, usually ‘Nicola’, sometimes ‘Wee Nicola’ .
  8. Like all storytellers, he knows the public remember endings, less so beginnings and seldom the middle.
  9. Foraging alone, and sleeping when they are not eating, wild pandas seldom come into contact with humans.
  10. Having lived most of my life inland, many hours’ drive from the sea, I have seldom seen or heard whales.
  11. It was wiser to borrow, and there was a large selection around the lake, some up on sawhorses and seldom used.
  12. However, surgeons seldom use the technique because it is considered too blunt, unable to give enough precise detail.
  13. It is another name for a present-day colonial order that is weighted against the non-European, and seldom owns up to regret.
  14. The 1970s anti-nuclear movement was a potent force in its time, now seldom remembered, though its influence is still with us.
  15. The courts seldom seem to see wildlife crime for what it is – a robbery from Madagascar, a crime against future generations.
  16. Even when they did empirical analysis, Leontief said economists seldom took any interest in the meaning or value of their data.
  17. But tastes in food are seldom rational, and millions of us are still hooked on the salty, smoky, umami savour of sizzling bacon.