1. He can scarcely believe it.
  2. The country scarcely changes.
  3. Her breath could scarcely carry them an inch.
  4. I can scarcely bring myself to think about it.
  5. There was one final, scarcely believable scene.
  6. Scarcely a decade ago, its population was just shy of 70,000.
  7. These numbers are scarcely credible, even to industry veterans.
  8. For long stretches, one scarcely ever left an urban environment.
  9. And west African cocoa yields have scarcely improved in the past century.
  10. It scarcely matters what it is – tying nautical knots or throwing pottery.
  11. This way you scarcely need to leave your vehicle, if you know the roads well enough.
  12. He walked out the door and got on the back of one of the motorcycles, scarcely breathing.
  13. The omens pointed in one scarcely believable direction: Russia was about to invade Ukraine.
  14. Beyond is a sweeping view of Havana’s skyline, which has scarcely changed since her childhood.
  15. Like central heating and hot water, ice is one of those minor luxuries we scarcely think to notice.
  16. Others could scarcely believe Russian spies would carry out murder and mayhem on the streets of London.
  17. Scarcely a week passed without a withering attack from the Mail on the BBC’s editorial ethos or standards.
  18. But the real reviews for the speech he had just delivered at the Labour party conference were scarcely better.
  19. With so much attention cast in Beckham’s direction, scarcely anyone even noticed them quietly departing together.
  20. This year has been such a miserable and violent one in so many parts of the world that it can scarcely end too soon.
  21. With its low-rise buildings and heavy scooter traffic, much of Cotonou feels scarcely different from a big town or village.
  22. But scarcely a drop of rain had fallen as they approached the horse corrals, several hundred feet from the back of the property.
  23. He meant agreeable climate, endless white sand beaches that scarcely aroused the suspicion of the existence of other human beings.
  24. A tiny cabin, scarcely a house, stood a yard or two inside the fence and gate, with a ragged broken henhouse and pig house beside it.
  25. Covid is why he can’t taste anything, can scarcely speak or move, and it turns out I have been strong enough to nurse him after all.