1. They very rarely have.
  2. Carswell rarely lingers.
  3. I rarely ever order them.
  4. He rarely drinks alcohol.
  5. It’s rarely done for fun.
  6. He rarely leaves the house.
  7. But it was rarely that simple.
  8. Mass enfranchisements rarely are.
  9. He rarely gives the test anymore.
  10. Sebastian Coe rarely loses a race.
  11. Indeed, it rarely crossed my mind.
  12. In fact, I rarely saw the men read.
  13. Someone had said she rarely laughed.
  14. Gilroy is rarely at a loss for words.
  15. But freezing rarely solves a problem.
  16. Women were lynched relatively rarely.
  17. The coder’s work was rarely a craft.
  18. You rarely find one without the other.
  19. In reality, I rarely spoke for Brenda.
  20. This has been amended to “rarely”.
  21. Unfortunately, this tactic rarely works.
  22. Justo was weak and rarely left his room.
  23. Yet this is rarely how we treat a visitor.
  24. The heating was ancient and rarely worked.
  25. Still, it rarely spilled into public view.
  26. Away from work, “flow” rarely occurred.
  27. People like this do exist (albeit rarely).
  28. He now rarely spends any time in the house.
  29. A decade ago, Glancey rarely performed BBLs.