1. Trump is anti-political correctness gone mad.
  2. You can’t stop a drone by political correctness.
  3. In it, he identified political correctness as a major danger to America.
  4. But, so far, he is fulfilling his pledge to fight political correctness.
  5. There have only been campaigns against something called “political correctness”.
  6. His contempt for political correctness looks a lot like contempt for politics itself.
  7. But in the final years of the Obama presidency, political correctness made a comeback.
  8. But upon closer examination, “political correctness” becomes an impossibly slippery concept.
  9. The opponents of political correctness always said they were crusaders against authoritarianism.
  10. Opposition to political correctness has proved itself a highly effective form of crypto-politics.
  11. Trump and his followers never defined “political correctness”, or specified who was enforcing it.
  12. I’ve been challenged by so many people, I don’t frankly have time for total political correctness.
  13. In truth, these crusaders against political correctness were every bit as political as their opponents.
  14. He was the clown-journalist tilting idly at straight bananas, Tony Blair, political correctness gone mad.
  15. None of the stories that introduced the menace of political correctness could pinpoint where or when it had begun.
  16. These books did not emphasise the phrase “political correctness”, and only D’Souza used the phrase directly.
  17. Cynical politicians crusading against “political correctness”, such as Trump, have fed off this baleful energy.
  18. After 2001, debates about political correctness faded from public view, replaced by arguments about Islam and terrorism.
  19. If you go looking for the origins of the phrase, it becomes clear that there is no neat history of political correctness.
  20. While Chait and his fellow liberals decried political correctness, Donald Trump and his followers were doing the same thing.
  21. They were not reacting to the tyranny of political correctness, nor were they returning America to a previous phase of its history.
  22. Political correctness asserts that a racist joke is primarily racist, whereas banter asserts that a racist joke is primarily a joke.
  23. Too much has already been written about the rise of snowflakes and the threat that political correctness poses to Enlightenment values.