1. And you will hear them over and over again.
  2. I listened to that song over and over again.
  3. He counted out 1,000 seconds, over and over again.
  4. She had observed the same pre-dawn routine over and over again.
  5. But I am asked over and over again, ‘Why do you write in Gikuyu?’
  6. But Gallop has seen over and over again how useful taping can be.
  7. It keeps you explaining, over and over again, your reason for being.
  8. What if the same city or region wins over and over again, while others always lose?
  9. The Home Office demanded that we justify over and over again why we had fled our home.
  10. I heard it said over and over again: just stick to the job, don’t speak above your pay grade.
  11. Now, the whole point, he said, was “to freakin’ crush these fascists over and over and over again”.
  12. It’s something I heard over and over again: we have to do something, because no one else is going to.
  13. During that seventh Bolt viewing, I realised why the kids wanted to keep watching the same movie over and over again.
  14. “They go for many years, and they’ve relapsed over and over again, and they have the highest risk of dying,” said Kaye.
  15. You have so much to lose, and your aversion to that sense of loss compels you to feed the machine just one more time, over and over again.
  16. It was a moment during which, however briefly, one could see a path, a new model where power was not seized by a violent minority over and over again.
  17. We listened over and over again to the few records that went with it – some Gilbert and Sullivan songs and two or three spirituals sung by Paul Robeson.
  18. Because it is Poland’s destiny to suffer, Polish history is not “one damned thing after another” but the same damned thing, happening over and over again.
  19. It is exhausting having to declaim the same talking points over and over again: that the majority of the US official adversaries were once clients and allies.
  20. His work tended to cover the same crimes over and over again, but the specifics, especially as they related to his own interactions with the killers, had a tendency to drift.