1. He took over plating.
  2. I can chat over text.
  3. It is all over America.
  4. I leaned over in a bush.
  5. He hands over his diary.
  6. I come over with pastries.
  7. He was all over the place.
  8. I tripped over two nurses.
  9. He can take over your life.
  10. He drove us over in an SUV.
  11. I wept over endless drafts.
  12. He looks off over the sound.
  13. he would ask over the phone.
  14. I see it all over the place.
  15. I felt a chill come over me.
  16. He took too long over things.
  17. I think we are over the hump.
  18. It was like Iraq all over again.
  19. They are observing it over there.
  20. It was all over within two months.
  21. She holds her hand over her mouth.
  22. He noticed a change over the years.
  23. He leaned over the side and vomited.
  24. He trundled over to the sandy carpark.
  25. I had control over what was happening.
  26. I try carrying these over into speech.
  27. It took me a long time to get over it.
  28. He was then handed over to the police.
  29. She looked up as Sabau stood over her.
  30. He had fallen from the sky over London.