1. One of which is the storage beneath our feet.
  2. Or underground storage caverns, one of which is already being prepared near Heathrow.
  3. He produced three reports, all of which were classified and not one of which led to any prosecutions.
  4. On his table lay several cups of days-old tea, one of which was beginning to show white spots of mould.
  5. The only buildings visible across five miles of wheat and pasture were three barns, one of which was a ruin.
  6. A peg-letter menu listed eight unchanging menu items, one of which was described in its entirety as “FISH”.
  7. But there were strings, one of which was that Salmond must hold it within 18 months and most only pose one question.
  8. Sequencing didn’t provide an immediate diagnosis, but it did narrow the search to around 20 genes – one of which was Pura.
  9. There’s this huge back catalogue of errors and omissions, any one of which could appear on the front pages, and dominate the news.
  10. As of 22 September, the prosecutor’s office had 34,000 cases filed, every one of which must be investigated, according to Ukrainian law.
  11. Now based in Miami, he has written three books about trafficking, one of which was adapted into a wildly successful TV show in Latin America.
  12. As he ran across the street, he was hit by more than one car, one of which was a Vauxhall Corsa, driven by a friend of some of those pursuing him.
  13. Instead, it is building its own institutions, with three museums in Doha devoted to regional and Islamic art, one of which is also designed by Jean Nouvel.
  14. This included two email newsletters from Tommy Robinson, one of which claimed “there is a nation within a nation forming just beneath the surface of the UK.
  15. The first couple are now said to be the biggest landowners in the country after acquiring farms spanning thousands of acres, one of which Grace used to set up a dairy.
  16. He has a fiery reputation, and is known around town for leaving furious voicemails for people he is feuding with – at least one of which has been remixed into a dance track.
  17. Bearing cinnamon rolls with We Love You written in icing on top, they occupied the meeting and read out their three demands, one of which was that the Heathrow plans should not go ahead.
  18. With these two pronouncements, the administration unilaterally took issues – one of which, that of Jerusalem, Israel is treaty-bound to negotiate with the Palestinians – off the table.
  19. Tiger’s incredible upbringing has been at the heart of a batch of bestselling books on the development of expertise, one of which was a parenting manual written by Tiger’s father, Earl.