1. We get on fine.
  2. I was on my own.
  3. They spy on you.
  4. I got on with it.
  5. It goes on and on.
  6. It goes on and on.
  7. It landed on bike.
  8. We were on our own.
  9. They gnaw on wires.
  10. They go on protests.
  11. He turned on the TV.
  12. I am on social media.
  13. They shut down on it.
  14. She died on the spot.
  15. What was on the menu?
  16. It landed on its feet.
  17. They were on a bender.
  18. I took on the persona.
  19. You can count on that.
  20. It went on for a while.
  21. We would be on our own.
  22. I got him on the phone.
  23. You can rely on people.
  24. It can collapse on them.
  25. I put on the headphones.
  26. I have it all on record.
  27. We were seated on sofas.
  28. I slept on my back again.
  29. We won the war on terror.
  30. I even put a wager on it.