1. Of the hundred-odd factories, only four remain.
  2. Brightlingsea Regent were due on the Saturday, and 2,000-odd fans.
  3. 05 minimum wage, for 23,000-odd graduate-age interns, comes to more than £1.
  4. Seventy-odd years ago, people knew their grammar and knew how to talk clearly.
  5. He corralled 43,500-odd words – perhaps 80% of the language in use at the time.
  6. The 700-odd PFI schemes in Britain had an estimated capital value of less than £59.
  7. It seemed odd – the 90-odd Cologne hooligans on the buses greatly outnumbered the men outside.
  8. Britain built 30-odd new towns, many of which are disastrous, but by some magic MK was got right.
  9. In addition to AI, the 20-odd researchers at CSER study climate change, nuclear war and bioweapons.
  10. Since then, Shen Yun has expanded considerably, from a single troupe to five companies of 40-odd dancers.
  11. As the months ticked by, the hundred-odd members of the Warrior Eli Hoax group honed their detective skills.
  12. But when I visited on 2 August, only two of the 20-odd smugglers caught under Project Alarm were still there.
  13. With only 40 or so people on board, rather than the usual 2,000-odd, the atmosphere was relaxed, if a little surreal.
  14. The first part was published in 1884, A to Ant, and instalments emerged at regular intervals for the next 40-odd years.