1. I get nothing but love.
  2. Self-pity does nothing but heighten the pain.
  3. Now the US looked out and saw nothing but peril.
  4. I knew nothing but my belly and the endless waiting.
  5. There are nothing but rewards, at the surface level.
  6. We do nothing but mourn, and be the guardians of the truth.
  7. Nothing but the uncannily expressive evidence concerned them.
  8. Here, I was nothing but a witless, dumb, low-class foreigner.
  9. But as TB Joshua Watch, we could offer nothing but disappointment.
  10. Bacon without nitrates, says Gower, is nothing but “salt pork”.
  11. These are fellow citizens who demand nothing but access to equal opportunity.
  12. Instead, he saw nothing but snow, covering the glacier in a half-metre-deep drift.
  13. “In a few months,” he told David, “this will be nothing but a bad memory.”
  14. “Calling for change without any real ideas is nothing but demagoguery,” he said.
  15. For the last semester, I’ve forced them to read nothing but “outsider fiction”.
  16. They were bizarre decorations that did nothing but obscure a simple, strong building.
  17. “I have nothing but contempt and disgust for her as a human being,” wrote another.
  18. Beyond the barbed-wire fence, there was nothing but desert as far as the eye could see.
  19. I had taken no notes, recorded nothing but a few photos of myself looking small and grey.
  20. The problem was at the time there was nothing but bravado about owning coalition policies.
  21. But there have always been recipes for nitrate-free bacon using nothing but salt and herbs.
  22. Most agents, he told me, were limited characters who could talk about nothing but property.
  23. He swung free in nothing but a pair of cotton shorts; his arms flopped like a rag doll’s.
  24. When I visited Yarmouk’s northern entrance in September 2014, I found nothing but bleakness.
  25. Yet if that society contained nothing but other automata, timekeeping would not be a “good”.
  26. Our caveman ancestors, in their wise state of nature, ate nothing but acorns and barbecued mammoth?
  27. If past and future contained nothing but struggle and scarcity, all attention fell upon the present.
  28. Since practitioners did nothing but pray, however, their activities were protected by the US constitution.
  29. And we know with equal certainty that for almost all healthy people the flu is nothing but a minor annoyance.
  30. On 7 July, Varoufakis, who had done nothing but exasperate his fellow finance ministers, offered his resignation.