1. He did not say more, nor need he have done so.
  2. It is not a science, nor is it a place for moralism.
  3. It is not a country, nor is it part of another country.
  4. It can’t easily cut this history loose, nor does it seem to want to.
  5. I don’t even know how to use it, nor do I want to know how to use it.
  6. He was not filled with Justo’s religious fervour, nor did he have his charisma.
  7. There was no large public outcry, nor did anyone seem to be trying to generate one.
  8. You can’t explain or describe the feelings, nor would I wish them on anyone else.
  9. I refused to weigh the risks; I would simply not go into labour, nor would I develop an infection.
  10. We Chinese never modify verbs for time or person, nor do we have anything like a subjunctive mood.
  11. He was still nervous, so the council didn’t issue a press release, nor did the report name the manufacturer.
  12. We will probably never watch that video later, nor will we make that photo our desktop wallpaper or print it out and frame it.
  13. I do not think myself eligible in any sense of the word, nor do I find my debt to be amusing merely on a conversational level.
  14. We don’t know how much dirty money there is in the UK, nor do we know exactly where it is, and there’s nothing we can do about it.
  15. It does not list this revenue in a separate column in quarterly earnings reports to investors, nor does it provide the sum to reporters.
  16. He is not allowed visitors, except certain family members on rare occasions, nor can he see his personal doctor or legal representatives.
  17. I have never had any direct business dealings with him, nor does he have any interests in any of my companies,” Firtash told the WSJ in 2007.