1. No sooner did he leave the podium than they began to turn off the lights.
  2. No sooner has this thought formed, however, than her name is crossed off the board.
  3. No sooner have you reached the summit of the mountain than it has expanded another hundred feet.
  4. It’s tempting, but no sooner has it occurred to you than you’re obliged to think the opposite.
  5. Ironically, no sooner had the revolutionaries rid themselves of one religion, than they invented another.
  6. No sooner had they begun to talk than four of the police vans that had been circling the park drove up to them.
  7. His manager came in for one – no sooner had it begun than she walked out, but it still went towards the total.
  8. No sooner had Kim arrived in Lima, however, than the priest contracted a drug-resistant form of tuberculosis and died.
  9. No sooner had the National Food Strategy (NFS) plan appeared, however, than the government backed away from taking action.
  10. No sooner did I say the word “jail” than the manager’s head began to twitch in the direction of the table behind ours.
  11. As a minority, no sooner do you learn to polish and cherish one chip on your shoulder than it’s taken off you and swapped for another.
  12. No sooner do we persuade ourselves that the economic priesthood has finally broken the old curse than it comes back to haunt us all: pride always goes before a fall.
  13. No sooner had neoliberalism been certified as real, and no sooner had it made clear the universal hypocrisy of the market, than the populists and authoritarians came to power.
  14. No sooner did Xi become general secretary of the Communist party than our new leader launched an anti-corruption drive, the scale and force of which took almost everyone by surprise.