1. My face must have betrayed me.
  2. I must have landed directly on my head.
  3. The Austrian government must have Googled my name.
  4. But your ministry must have tracked the work they do.
  5. The lying, the deception, must have started in my 30s.
  6. They must have moved to and from their victims’ house.
  7. “We must have hugged for two minutes straight,” he said.
  8. But hospital staff must have recognised that possibility.
  9. But I think she must have experienced this as abandonment.
  10. “He must have changed his mind 20 times,” Marie-Louise said.
  11. As the years passed, she began to think that he must have died.
  12. It must have changed the culture in the country in a way, I think.
  13. He couldn’t be sure, thought he must have imagined it, and drove away again.
  14. That said, having one language to dominate others must have reduced conflict.
  15. It was assumed that Aarij was a cleaner who must have pressed the panic button by mistake.
  16. For many, like Zakariyya, it must have seemed that their destiny was to join Boko Haram or die.
  17. By this point, Lugovoi and Kovtun must have concluded that their poisoning operation had worked.
  18. I imagine my face must have conveyed surprise, although I think I tried not to react too strongly.
  19. I must have looked confused, because he said: “Let me bring that down from the 30,000-foot level.”
  20. She couldn’t believe it – the betrayal when she was newly pregnant, the year of lies that must have followed.
  21. My parents must have mentioned that the langar at the temple was a communal meal open to everyone, not just Sikhs.
  22. They found him hanging from the bunk bed – he must have used the sheet or something similar and tied it round his neck.
  23. He read law at Ankara University, where he must have perfected the efficient Turkish with which he has made his career.
  24. The “nun”, the hospital team realised, was an oxygen tank whose white neck and black base must have looked like a habit.
  25. A boy with such a bright, inquiring mind must have seemed like an ideal recruit, and his family was known to Hamas leaders.
  26. To the intelligence services, he must have seemed a prime catch: a well-connected Chinese man who was also a computer expert.
  27. In many ways, he must have seemed like the perfect person to lead a review that would report back to the new President Reagan.
  28. Taking a position in a secondary modern school by the late 1960s must have amounted to professional suicide for any schoolteacher.
  29. – which means that we must have acquired a taste for it; so much so, over the years, that we are now willing to pay for the privilege.
  30. Someone, somewhere in the Disney multiverse must have celebrated – shyly, inappropriately, a quiet elbow bump in a meeting room, perhaps.