1. It was murdering us.
  2. Seb had been arrested on suspicion of murdering his mother.
  3. His captors wanted him to confess to murdering security personnel.
  4. We knew it was murdering us because we could not get another story up.
  5. Guede was convicted of murdering Kercher, and of sexually assaulting her.
  6. “He said the Russians weren’t really into murdering people,” Gene told me.
  7. Because I shoot grey squirrels, people think I’m a heartless, murdering cow.
  8. Not just restraining or detaining the undocumented, but murdering them en masse.
  9. A review of forensic evidence eventually led to a new trial of those suspected of murdering Stephen Lawrence.
  10. And it was also at that moment that the determination to show that he had played a role in murdering my father was born.
  11. As a result, a man was arrested in Spain, convicted of murdering Verstappen and eventually sentenced to 16 years in prison.
  12. He was defending his right to make jokes about murdering his ex-wife on Facebook, in the form of non-rhyming, rhythmless rap lyrics.
  13. What choice do you have when your mother is out prostituting herself to feed her drug habit and your father is out murdering people?
  14. Because of an editing error, an earlier version stated that Ruth Ellis was convicted of murdering her husband, rather than her lover.
  15. Individual service personnel bear criminal responsibility for crimes they commit in war, such as murdering civilians or torturing prisoners.
  16. When Mónica returned home later, he said that he had kidnapped her, taken her to Villas Santín and kept her alive for 17 days before murdering her.
  17. To a large extent, they were parroting the British and international media, which portrayed Mugabe as an icon of evil fixated on murdering white people.
  18. Seventeen years earlier, Flores had been convicted of murdering a woman in a Dallas suburb in the course of a robbery, a crime he says he did not commit.
  19. The SS men who had begun as state destroyers, murdering members of groups thought to be the bastions of enemy polities, became the mass murderers of Jews.
  20. The following month, gunmen stormed the five-star hotel where Zu Beck and other members of her delegation had stayed on their visit, murdering five people.