1. Over time, Wang began peppering Xu with business ideas, most of which related to his mother.
  2. Since the trial with Riefenstahl, Gladitz had made other films, most of which championed underdog heroes.
  3. He can list and demonstrate Trump’s most common gestures, most of which only appeared when he entered political life.
  4. The National Games, meanwhile, are played for cash, most of which comes from the state-run National Bank of Kazakhstan.
  5. The first thing you notice about these images – most of which are black and white – are the proper bin men’s outfits.
  6. As the scientists presented their findings, most of which described dramatic planetary changes, Crutzen shifted in his seat.
  7. She had a bad fall a couple of years ago and broke her top front teeth, most of which have been completely missing for years.
  8. It turned out that there were numerous tensions – most of which had been invisible to me – that required careful handling.
  9. We all have tons of variations in our genes, most of which are extremely rare and, by the very nature of rarity, uninterpretable.
  10. In 2016, Blackstone bought a controlling stake in Sweden’s largest real estate firm, which owned 16,000 apartments, most of which were in Stockholm.
  11. Small and medium-sized local enterprises gave way to a group of large-scale firms, most of which were foreign-owned, and almost entirely export-oriented.
  12. The country’s population of about 28 million is made up of about a dozen ethnic groups, most of which trace their origins to other parts of west Africa.
  13. “Sweeteners” is a catch-all term for a diverse range of chemicals, most of which are far sweeter than sugar, gram for gram, but contain few or no calories.
  14. “Particularly in Scotland, it was poverty, inequality, things like toxic masculinity, alcohol use – most of which were outside the bounds of policing,” says Linden.
  15. The other significant thing about the expenses scandal was the way it set a template for a decade of elite scandals – most of which also involved lies, leaks and dishonest denials.
  16. A 2018 paper co-authored by Melissa Mialon, a French food engineer and public health researcher, identified 32 materials online criticising Nova, most of which were not peer-reviewed.
  17. It provided a long list of rights, most of which are the familiar “political” rights that are set down in the US constitution, or that have been constructed by American courts over the years.