1. Moreover, food is joy.
  2. Moreover, it is not a level playing field.
  3. There was the threat of example, moreover.
  4. Moreover, Vora was buying into the concept.
  5. Moreover, that sharp pang of regret is useful.
  6. Moreover, there was no mention of bathroom breaks.
  7. Moreover, the disparities are present regardless of gender.
  8. Tervoort saw only assets – and moreover, assets that itched to become wrecks.
  9. It could not, moreover, be given by someone who was intoxicated, unconscious or asleep.
  10. The courts found in Peter’s favour, and moreover ruled two years of the detention to be unlawful.
  11. This undramatic politics, moreover, was rooted in what seemed to many a persuasive analysis of the modern world.
  12. We have no reason to deceive you after receiving the ransom, since we are not barbarians and moreover it will harm our business.
  13. Among the peculiarities of this pandemic, moreover, is the fact that we, the general populace, might determine how well human trials go.