1. Britain built 30-odd new towns, many of which are disastrous, but by some magic MK was got right.
  2. These range from bulk carriers to container ships to tankers, many of which are 200 or 300 metres long.
  3. Most set up foundations to finance political advocacy or donate to existing NGOs, many of which have large memberships.
  4. It has 300 employees and fellows, and has published dozens of studies, many of which describe real breakthroughs in care.
  5. More than 150 countries retain some sort of criminal defamation laws, many of which include the possibility of imprisonment.
  6. Preppers stocks a wide range of supplies, many of which are intended to help a person survive in the event of extreme flooding.
  7. In recent months, the government has intensified its crackdown on non-governmental organisations, many of which are critical of the regime.
  8. A report published in February 2016 recorded 299 assaults on staff and prisoners in the previous six months, many of which involved weapons.
  9. Wild fish pick up contaminants from the ocean, many of which are concentrated in the cold northern waters where the small fishmeal species live.
  10. There are several imaging technologies that help surgeons see inside the body before they cut, many of which were developed to help diagnose cancer.
  11. But to an algorithm, or someone designing one, a profession appears as something else: a long list of individual tasks, many of which may be mechanised.
  12. But such studies are designed to be read in conjunction with the big population studies involving humans, many of which formed the basis of the new WHO draft guidelines.
  13. In recent decades, detailed analytical research has produced ever-more sophisticated insights into crowd behaviour, many of which disprove these long-standing assumptions.
  14. By putting an online platform at the heart of its operations, Five Star was way ahead of other political parties in Italy – many of which barely had a functioning website.
  15. In April, another investigation revealed instances of similar behaviour by other top officials, going back decades, many of which have been known to authorities for 15 years.
  16. Where Nespresso aimed high, with sleek aluminium pods that emphasised quality, K-Cup’s plastic pods, many of which until recently were non-recyclable, emphasise convenience.
  17. There was also a logistical difficulty: because all the flats were in private hands, Hotel House was unlike other notorious estates across Europe, many of which were run by the state.
  18. Several people told me that a number of locals had become rich thanks to the Italian’s cocaine, then started legitimate businesses, such as coffee shops, many of which still exist today.
  19. I watched them striving to notice and acknowledge 20-30 different sets of feelings, many of which were probably completely different from yesterday’s feelings, while never raising their voices.
  20. And they would flood the emerging world wide web with new species of self-reproducing malware far more destructive than anything Dark Avenger created, many of which we are still living with today.
  21. Because the official guidelines are so vague, foreign developers tend to abide by a fuzzy, speculative and ever-changing set of unwritten “rules”, many of which are gleaned from trial and error.
  22. Its chapters consist not of experimental findings or clinical diagnoses, but of stories, many of which involve a jolt of insight as the patient suddenly gets a sense of the depths he or she contains.