1. Some observers are looking forward to a bloody battle.
  2. Everyone was looking forward to a homecoming party for Michael.
  3. ā€œIā€™m looking forward to closing my chapter of pregnancies,ā€ she wrote.
  4. Looking forward to when you come down you can take me out, as I am an OAP now.
  5. Everyone was exhausted, haggard, looking forward to a summer of decompression.
  6. Over dinner at the Statler, Olson told Lashbrook that he was looking forward to his hospitalisation.
  7. When the three sisters finally left South Kivu for Burundi, they were looking forward to a more peaceful retirement posting.
  8. But when Bjerke arrived at the office, he was looking forward to spending Christmas with his wife and three children near Oslo.
  9. I had, in fact, been looking forward to it for weeks ā€“ to having no tasks to attend to, no places to go, no obligations to meet.