1. It is sculpture, but it doesn’t look like sculpture.
  2. When it’s nice ploughing, it’s like it’s painted on.
  3. He likes to take things apart and see how they work.
  4. Up to that point, it was like too many cases before.
  5. And here, women are not made to feel like criminals.
  6. Not giddy like before, but like things are possible.
  7. The paper pieces lay curled like chocolate shavings.
  8. But now the world feels like a very different place.
  9. It is unlikely bitcoin will be accepted as currency.
  10. I told them, dear sisters, don’t come out like this.
  11. It is like two hurtling trucks on a collision course.
  12. It was like using a towel to stop the tide coming in.
  13. Our tastes follow us around like a comforting shadow.
  14. But how does somebody like him not get crushed by it?
  15. A lesson of like, holy shit, there’s a lot more here.
  16. Things like this have been happening for a while now.
  17. He just thought he could treat it like his own yacht.
  18. Yes, he said, shaking his head, like a wounded lover.
  19. The leave campaign had never looked more like a coup.
  20. To a layperson like me, they all seem basically alike.
  21. Preliminary discussion sounds like a long shot though.
  22. The men on board knew they were likely to be punished.
  23. They dumped him like that at the entrance to the base.
  24. It is a huge fantasy, like all millenarian ideologies.
  25. Every day that passes makes a catastrophe more likely.
  26. But on other days, that woman seems like someone else.
  27. She said she would still like to be sure of something.
  28. Even if he did, he would no longer sound like himself.
  29. Chemotherapy, like most medical treatments, is boring.
  30. I showed up in my khaki naval uniform, like she asked.