1. I must be quick lest the calf die.
  2. Finally, lest there be any confusion, he drove the metaphor home.
  3. He was nervous about me repeating specific details, lest his competitors gain a jump.
  4. The queue was heavily patrolled, lest Duggee’s time was overly absorbed by his eager fans and he missed his next show.
  5. Lest there be any doubt over the seriousness of the threat, he recited details of Rakić’s young son’s daily routine.
  6. They have felt compelled to grapple with it and not to reject it, lest they seem to be rejecting African American culture itself.
  7. This was the famous and touristically magnetic Lascaux cave, which eventually had to be closed to visitors lest their exhalations spoil the artwork.
  8. Lest there be any doubt that the former Google chair’s goals were purely benevolent, his video background featured a framed pair of golden angel wings.
  9. He described “good spraying weather”: dry and still, so the herbicide isn’t carried on the wind, but not too hot, lest it evaporate before being absorbed.
  10. The applause that followed was so loud that one council officer reminded the attendees that such displays of emotion were not permitted in the chamber, lest they influence the vote.
  11. As such, says Adorno, we all have a shared responsibility after Auschwitz to be vigilant, lest we collapse once more into the ways of thinking, believing and behaving that brought down this guilty verdict upon us.
  12. Behind the scenes, Steve Hilton, one of Cameron’s closest advisers and friends, had concluded that Britain needed to get out of the EU as soon as possible, lest our spirit of enterprise and creativity be strangled by red tape.
  13. The phrase “God is Love” is traditionally affixed to an interior wall of every branch, but during secular events the words are concealed behind a faux-slate panel, lest they detract from, say, a runway show of Oscar de la Renta resort wear.
  14. I cannot continue to emotionally exhaust myself trying to get this message across, while also toeing a very precarious line that tries not to implicate any one white person in their role of perpetuating structural racism, lest they character-assassinate me.
  15. Kaufmann thinks we should encourage them to take pride in being white, lest they turn to more violent means: “Freezing out legitimate expressions of white identity allows the far right to own it, and acts as a recruiting sergeant for their wilder ideas.”
  16. Some eating-disorder sufferers – who are already often grappling with feelings of guilt about buying food – have reported that reading stories of panic buying have triggered worries that they must not buy food at all, lest they be taking food away from people who need it more.
  17. Since turf battles between the FBI and local law enforcement agencies around the country are not uncommon, federal agents tasked with investigating police officers have to be especially careful about pursuing charges of wrongdoing, lest they be perceived as pushing a hidden political agenda.
  18. Conference speakers are well-advised to hold back on showing photographs of cast members, organisers Cara Courage and Nicola Headlam told me, lest members of another longstanding fan group, Archers Anarchists, start booing (I admit that I, too, have resisted seeing pictures of the cast all my life).