1. It is killing.
  2. And the killing?
  3. End the killing.
  4. Are they still killing?
  5. He remains a killing one.
  6. And it’s been killing me.
  7. Your chair is killing you.
  8. Father, they are killing us.
  9. There are enough killings here.
  10. Who is killing all these people?
  11. We have political killings here.
  12. Then the orgy of killing started.
  13. She never knew who did the killing.
  14. Both sets of killings went unsolved.
  15. He also thought it was killing patients.
  16. The killing stunned the political world.
  17. Hemedti has denied ordering the killings.
  18. We’re not killing people for the fun of it.
  19. If we don’t, we’ll start killing each other.
  20. It was training for killing infidels, he said.
  21. It doesn’t make the killings any less horrific.
  22. What reasons might someone have had for killing him?
  23. Police raided the farm, killing dozens of militants.
  24. Krestina did not take part in the killing, he added.
  25. People know that the police are still killing people.
  26. To speak of the other killings was too much of a risk.
  27. It may also lead to a resurgence in the drug killings.
  28. Putin does not order killings, and yet killings happen.
  29. If you don’t stop killing our workers, you are finished.
  30. We went up the hill to see where the killing had happened.