1. They worked with me instead of against me.
  2. Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays.
  3. Buying five bottles of wine instead of four.
  4. It is “an alibi instead of an explanation”.
  5. An earlier version said km sq instead of sq km.
  6. The windows had metal mesh screens instead of glass.
  7. If you say that, we should have carts instead of cars.
  8. There were silences instead of the much-needed stories.
  9. Instead of “Mary” he became known as “The Prof”.
  10. Instead of the circle being closed, it had opened further.
  11. Instead of tiring us out, it only strengthened our resolve.
  12. Instead of a teddy bear, there’s someone else here today.
  13. But instead of becoming healthier, we grew fatter and sicker.
  14. our congregation often said, instead of “the end is near”.
  15. She asked if working afternoons instead of mornings would help.
  16. I wanted those turned inward instead of outward, the quiet sort.
  17. But instead of wholegrains and lentils, we ate low-fat junk food.
  18. And instead of a small focal point, cities spread over 100 sq km.
  19. In any event, I was going to the hospital instead of my yoga class.
  20. Instead of jewels, it was studded with tiny fragments of asteroids.
  21. Instead of being arrested, he was put to work to pay off his debts.
  22. They’re deciding what I need instead of letting me decide myself.
  23. It strengthened repressive power structures instead of upending them.
  24. Eventually, the scandal, instead of the photo op, is what goes viral.
  25. Instead of stopping, Israel’s settlement activities had multiplied.
  26. Could group therapy leaders get two weeks’ training instead of four?
  27. Instead of putting our differences aside, we need to put them to work.
  28. Instead of welcoming his son with open arms, his father was indifferent.
  29. Instead of trying a second time, I suddenly felt an urge to pay in cash.
  30. Instead of his usual cargo trousers, he is wearing a blue salwar kameez.