1. They come at this with a high index of suspicion.
  2. Sterling plummeted and the FTSE 100 index stuttered.
  3. He had another 26 random words scribbled on an index card.
  4. He measured up the girth between his thumb and index finger.
  5. This index has risen almost twice as fast as the cost of consumer goods overall.
  6. But Caesar’s photos report torture and death, indexed and archived by the regime.
  7. The first index cards were logged at the Central Office when it opened in December 1958.
  8. Like almost every book about New Labour, Blair’s has dozens of index entries for the Sun and Mail.
  9. For days, the book collectors busily dusted, glued, sorted, indexed and organised all these volumes.
  10. In 2015, the island fell to 16th on the TJN’s financial secrecy index, behind Germany, the US, Japan and the UK.
  11. To use it, you tap its head twice with your index finger, then pull the thermometer out of its sheath, like a wand of mascara.
  12. Abu Idrees listened intently, examining the plaintiffs as he curled a lock of his beard around his index finger again and again.
  13. Every new version of the index was a grenade of bad publicity lobbed at Jersey, increasingly damaging to the island’s reputation.
  14. Patients’ biopsies were stored on their original slides, between cardboard dividers, and kept in an index, like in an old library.
  15. Alston has compiled a comprehensive index of more than 600 people from the Highlands with connections to Guyana before emancipation.
  16. Madagascar is consistently near the bottom of Transparency International’s corruption perceptions index, a global survey of public corruption.
  17. Eton, Wycombe Abbey, Wellington College, Charterhouse, Millfield and Milton Abbey are the most viewed by readers on the Spear’s online Schools index.
  18. Her journals were kept on calendars, on typing paper held together with binder clips, in notebooks, on index cards, even scrawled on the wallpaper in her childhood bedroom.
  19. There is a rough, handwritten catalogue of the entire collection, on 12cm by 7cm index cards, as well as photographs, which gives a rough indication of what each fragment contains.