1. We knew this, in spite of internal denials.
  2. In spite of the uproar when this was reported, the prison stayed open.
  3. In spite of everything that’s happened to me, my prayer has been answered.
  4. That I have an audience guarantees my freedom, in spite of all the restrictions.
  5. She needed artificial nutrition, in spite of which she was seriously underweight.
  6. In spite of its detractors, the Rorschach continues to be used in a research context.
  7. In spite of his talent and hard work, success was always fraught with internal struggle.
  8. In spite of Portugal’s tangible results, other countries have been reluctant to follow.
  9. Even the many sceptics thought they might win – but in spite of Ed, not because of him.
  10. But in spite of this, over the next few months her weight dropped to less than 32kg (70lb).
  11. In spite of the economic chaos, they had succeeded in engineering a dramatic reduction of poverty.
  12. In spite of their legal status, the Home Office held them in a detention centre for nearly a week.
  13. Robinson did not lose his place in the fellowship, in spite of this and other probation violations.
  14. Fat was removed from candy bars so that they became “health-food bars”, in spite of added sugar.
  15. These attacks are in spite of Buhari’s announcement in December that the war was “technically over”.
  16. In spite of the obsession with Soros, there has been surprisingly little interest in what he actually thinks.
  17. In spite of his long association with the case for withdrawal, Douglas Carswell falls into the latter category.
  18. In spite of half a dozen airstrikes, the sniper still controlled the street, cutting off the only supply route.
  19. In spite of the government’s attitude, the Turkish population has shown a heroic readiness to help the afflicted.
  20. In spite of the passing of 20 years since that video was shot in January 1996, the face is immediately recognisable.
  21. In spite of its absurdity, or maybe because of it, record breaking is a reflection of our deepest interests and desires.
  22. In spite of what cameraphones have led us to believe, photography is a slow process, and most of the work is reflection.
  23. To speak only English, in spite of its vast vocabulary and countless varieties, is still to dwell in a rather small pool.
  24. Both cultures flourished in spite of widespread media demonisation, both fought the law – and in both cases, the law won.
  25. In spite of her youth, Ruqayah’s parents preferred to see their daughter stand up for justice than bow to the hated regime.
  26. Still, and in spite of evidence to the contrary, the heady promise of a curtailed old age endures in the popular imagination.
  27. Semi-rural middle-class, hit hard by the Depression, in spite of which he looks back on a more or less happy childhood and youth.
  28. In spite of not having met most of her 15 grandchildren (with two more on the way), Sharon keeps in daily contact with all of them.
  29. Even after becoming a father, he always took opportunities where he thought he saw them, in spite of the tensions it caused at home.
  30. In 1954, in spite of the victory of the Vietnamese army, France and its western allies hung on to power in their southern stronghold.